2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the Health Nuts in Your Life :-)

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase from some of the links in this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I only promote products that I personally use and believe in.

It’s that time of year again.  All you can hear on the radio is Christmas music, going to the mall becomes a nightmare, and you see a million of those “year in review” posts pop up on Facebook.  It must be Christmas season.  I’m actually a few weeks behind this year (surprise, surprise) because all of this started December 1st.  Don’t get me wrong – I love holiday season, but I think we can all admit it comes with a little bit of added stress.  There’s just so much to do and never enough time to do it in.

Being a somewhat crafty and creative individual (at least I like to think so), I usually end up making the bulk of my Christmas presents.  This year I am making a ton of DIY stuff with Essential Oils as I’ve recently gotten super in using EO’s in just about everything…..but there are definitely a few items that I wanted to get for my family that were beyond my skill set as a very novice crafter and DIYer.  Though I do love Christmas, one thing I definitely do not love is crowded malls, so I’ve done all my shopping this year through Amazon Prime.  If you’ve met me, you know how I feel about Amazon Prime. It’s the greatest thing ever.  Seriously.  You can find just about anything you want on amazon and then with prime it gets shipped for free and gets to my doorstep in two days.  You just can’t beat that. You can’t.  Well, until they come out with those drones that bring it to my doorstep in like two hours – that will be amazing.

As I was perusing amazon for presents for my loved ones, it occurred to me that I should share some of my wonderful health and wellness finds with you guys, in case you’re still in need of some gifts for those health gurus on your lists 🙂

So here, in no particular order, are my recommendations for anyone you know who is interested in healthy living.

  1. Instant Pot

    instant-pot | (healthy) Vittles and Bits
    Hands down, this little fella wins product of the year in my house for 2016.  I bought my Instant Pot in July of this year, and have used it on a regular basis ever since.  I now do about 95% of my cooking and food prep in the IP, and have probably only turned on my oven about 4 times since this beauty was delivered to my door.  And no, that’s not an exaggeration. I hardly ever use the oven now.  This is a 7 in 1 – you get 7 different cooking appliances in just one gizmo.  Do you know how much counter space that frees up? This pot is an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, warmer, and it can brown/saute.  It’s also very safe.  I am always worried about accidentally setting the house on fire so the idea of a pressure cooker always scared the crap out of me, but this guy is super safe and as long as you read the directions before your first use you will have no problems. Trust me, if it’s safe for me to use, you’ll have no problem (I’ve done some pretty stupid cooking stuff in my day…).  To give you an idea of how often I use this, every weekend I usually make in it:  2 dozen hardboiled eggs (5 min cook time), a whole 5 lb chicken (30 min cook time), quinoa (8 min cook time), some sort of soup (usually around 10-30 min cook time depending on what soup), and sometimes a spaghetti squash if I have one (9 min cook time).  I love that I can do all my cooking prep in just a few hours on a Sunday and then not cook for the entire work week.  Everything cooks so fast and so perfectly in this pot.  It’s magic.  It should actually be called Magic Pot.

  2. Soda Stream

    2016 Holiday Gift Guide | (healthy) Vittles and BitsOkay, so you’re probably thinking I am crazy to add a soda stream to a list of possible presents for health nuts, but hear me out.  You know those fancy flavored seltzer waters that became really popular in the last year or two, like La Croix?  This gizmo can make you your own carbonated water whenever you want, and all you need to do to give it some flavor is to add a dash of lemon or lime juice, or maybe even a drop or two of high quality essential oil (see item number 4).  So it’s not that I’m advocating the drinking of soda – obviously soda is terrible for you in so many ways, but plain old soda water (or seltzer as it is also called) is perfectly fine to drink.  I buy a 12 pack of mandarin orange seltzer water every week, but think of the waste that could be reduced if I just made it at home.  I just added this to my wedding registry last week after seeing a Soda Stream in action at a friend’s house.  If you or anyone you know is trying to get off of soda and switch to a healthier alternative, definitely check out a soda stream, or at least try out the flavored seltzer waters that they’re selling in all the grocery stores and even target.  And, no, they don’t even have artificial sweeteners – these drinks are just carbonated water and a little extract for flavoring – that’s it.

  3. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

    vital protein collagen peptides, heathy vittles and bits
    This is hands down, my favorite protein powder.  Reason numero uno, is that you can’t taste it.  For real.  It has no flavor.  I have mixed this protein into so many different beverages and foods to make sure.  (I’ve even mixed it into a cocktail and still didn’t taste it!  The things I do in the name of research……).  I get in plenty of protein from my normal diet, so I don’t usually use this as a way to get in my daily protein needs, but rather as a dietary supplement to help my hair grow.  You see, I used to have great hair when I was younger, but then for a number of different reasons, I’ve lost of lot of hair over the last few years and I’m still working on growing it back out.  This collagen helps my hair to grow much faster, and it also makes my nails grow long and strong.  A high quality collagen supplement like this can also be good for joint health. If you’re interested, read more about the benefits of collagen on the VP website here. I love that you only need 5-10g of this collagen protein per day to get results, so a tub lasts me usually about 3 months.  Typically I just mix about 1/2-1 scoop into my hot tea in the evening before bed (it mixes perfectly in super hot liquids, unlike most whey protein powders), but I have also used this in baking and cooking too. Check out my high protein Monster Muffin recipe 🙂

  4. Essential Oils and Diffuser Starter Kit

    Holiday Gift Guide | (healthy) Vittles and Bits
    If you’re on my Christmas list this year, guess what — you’re getting something made with essential oils.  You guys know I’ve been really getting into more natural, holistic health and wellness in the last year or so, and this is my new favorite – essential oils. But not just the cheapy ones you get at Target (no offense to Target whcih is still my favorite place ever), but I’m talking real, 100% pure, high quality essentail oils. Yes, there is a humongous difference.  When I first started dabbling in EO’s, I just bought a little USB diffuser and a 3$ bottle of a “citrus blend” oil from a local store called Savemart.  I thought sure, it smells nice. But then, a coworker introduced me to the real deal EO’s, and there is a HUGE difference in smell (and of course other things like effectiveness for clinical uses).  So I did some research on which EO company I wanted to go with (because there are quite a few out there), and I ended up going with Young Living.  I know some people who use DoTerra as well, and they seem to have good quality oils, but for me, I know that I can trust YL to have oils pure enough that they are safe for internal use, and I do love to add the oils to my water so for me I needed a company that I could feel comfortable consuming and though I will sometimes use other companies’ oils topically or aromatically if I can’t find the one I want with Young Living, YL is the only company that I feel safe to use for ingesting the oils. I now use the oils in so many different ways. I make my own skincare products with them (which is doing wonders for my acne scarring). I use them to cook or in drinks.  I use them to clean my house.  I diffuse oils basically all day everyday.  I use lavender and cedarwood to help me fall asleep.  I use them in my hair.  I could go on for a while so I’ll stop before you get bored, but basically I’ve been able to transition to a much more safe and “toxin-free” home since I started using oils. Once I decided to go with Young Living, I signed up to be a “distributor”, which basically means I get the oils at the “wholesale” (ie. cheaper) price.  So if you’re thinking oils might be something you would like to try for yourself and/or family and friends, I would definitely encourage you to sign up as a distributor because you get a really great deal with their Starter Kit (11 oils and a really nice diffuser along with a few other little things), and no you don’t have to ever sell oils to anyone if you don’t want to.  I mostly just purchase oils for my own use and for friends and family who want to try them out too.  If using EO’s sounds at all intriguing to you, please shoot me an email or leave a comment and I can email you and we can chat more about them and you can ask me any questions at all that you have.  I would love to have you sign up under my team because then we can stay in touch and I love to hear how people are using the oils and what successes they’ve had with making improvements in their health and wellness 🙂

  5. Simple Modern Water Bottle

    Holiday Gift Guide | (healthy) Vittles and Bits
    Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water every day is part of a healthy lifestyle.  If the health nut you’re shopping for is anything like me, then they are always looking for the perfect water bottle. I’m not saying that Simple Modern makes the perfect drinking vessel, but I do really like the products that I’ve ordered from them.  When I was really into making green smoothies everyday, I found that I always made about 32 oz, and despite the fact that I have a whole cabinet in my kitchen dedicated to water bottles and tea thermos’s, I didn’t have a bottle big enough to hold all that smoothie.  So of course I jumped on Amazon and went searching for the next bottle to grace my shelf.  I ended up going with the Simple Modern 32oz Water Bottle and then also got the flip top lid because I hate those lids that you have to screw on and off every time you want a sip.  I drink way too much liquid for that nonsense.  I really like this water bottle because it does do a really good job of keeping liquids cold or hot for a really long time.  It’s similar to other bottles such as Hydroflask but Simple Modern is much cheaper.  I’ve been very pleased with it, however do note that it will not fit in your car cup holder so if you’re looking for one that does, either get a smaller size or go with the tumbler version, which I bought for my mom (30 oz tumbler) which she likes because it fits in her cup holder in her car and keeps her iced tea cold all day.  Another interesting water bottle that I’ve been eyeing up is the Dyln water bottle that supposedly takes tap water and changes the pH to be more alkaline.  I am hoping to try this one out soon and will report back to you guys how I like it!

  6. Mini Trampoline

    Holiday Gift Guide | (healthy) Vittles and Bits
    Okay, this is another one you might be sort of like, huh? what is this girl thinking?  Listen though, trampolines are super fun and also a really great way to get some physical activity into your day.  Pretty much all of us could use more exercise in our lives – I know I could.  About six months ago I was getting really annoyed with my low step count on my FitBit.  My sister and even my mom was kicking my butt on a daily basis.  Both of them have jobs that keep them up and moving around during the day, and at my job I pretty much just sit on my rear end all day and only get up to refill my tea or water and then of course go the bathroom because with all that tea and water I have to pee like twelve times a day.  So I was trying to find something that I could take to the office and use periodically throughout the day when I have a few minutes to just get up and get my blood moving.  This mini trampoline ended up being my perfect solution.  It was super cheap compared to other brands out there, but it works great.  It was really easy to put together (though I definitely recommend having a second pair of hands), and I just lean it up against the wall when I’m not using it.  It’s super lightweight too so it’s easy to move from one room to another.  I actually want to get a second one of these to keep at home because it’s so easy and fun to just bounce on it for a few minutes and I think it would be a great way to get in a workout while watching a TV show. Trust me, it only takes a few minutes before you’re sweating.  So if anyone on your list could use a little exercise and fun all wrapped in one, this would be a perfect gift for them.

  7. Silicone Baking Cups

    holiday gift guide | (healthy) Vittles and Bits
    These little cups are fantastic. Not just for desserts, either. I use these all the time for healthy food prep like making these Crustless Mini Quiches or something like Tuna or Salmon cakes.  I’m even using them this year to make Shower Melts with essential oils as a Christmas gift (a little disc you throw in the bottom of your shower and it melts as you shower and releases wonderful smells).  I used to make things like this in a regular muffin pan, but especially with anything that had egg in it it would just stick horribly to the pan no matter how much non-stick spray I used.  Then I got these baking cups and it’s sooooooo much easier. They just pop right out!

  8. Electric Kettle

    holiday gift guide | (healthy) Vittles and Bits
    If you are shopping for someone who is a tea drinker (or someone who drinks instant or cold brew coffee), consider getting them an electric kettle.  I am basically addicted to tea – not even kidding.  I drink at least 60 oz per day of hot tea.  I used to just microwave water in a mug and then dunk a tea bag into it, but then I discovered loose leaf tea and an electric tea kettle and haven’t looked back.  Loose leaf tea tastes sooooooo much better than tea bag tea.  I’m lucky that I live very close to an adorable little tea shop that has a million varieties of loose leaf tea, but you can also buy it online if you don’t have a tea shop in your area – example, here is one I found on amazon that has good reviews.  You can use a simple tea infuser to steep the loose leaf tea or make you own tea bags using these little satchels and just stapling them shut.  An electric kettle is great for the avid tea drinker because it boils water suuuuuuper quickly, it automatically shuts off when it’s done, and with this particular model, no boiling water comes in contact with plastic – the entire interior is stainless steel, which is something I always look for in an electric kettle. Also, there are also a lot of really cute tea infusers if you’re looking for something more fun and whimsical, like this baby loch ness monster or this little manatee 🙂

  9. Vitamix (Refurbished)

    holiday gift guide | (healthy) vittles and bits
    Okay, so this is a really expensive gift.  Worth it, but super expensive.  This is, in my opinion, the best blender you can get.  I got mine in August, and I’ve never had any trouble blending anything to the point of completely liquified.  I got one mostly because I wanted to make green smoothies (because I’m too lazy to clean the juicer).  I’ll usually just do like 2 cups water, 1-2 large carrots, 1-2 stalks of celery, 1/2 a cucumber, 1/2 cup frozen spinach, about 6 frozen strawberries, a handful of frozen peach slices, and half a lemon and then I’ll blend everything up, and the Vitamix gets it so smooth that it actually tastes really good.  Sometimes I’ll throw in something extra like chia seeds or spirulina or maca – whatever I feel like.  You can seriously blend anything with this.  I’ve linked the refurbished option above because it’s a bit cheaper and if I’m understanding correctly, you still get a 5 year warranty, but here is a link to the Vitamix Website if you want to check out a not refurbished (ie brand new) one. Watch the videos – it’s a seriously awesome blender.

  10. Inspiralizer

    holiday gift guide | (healthy) Vittles and Bits
    You guys know how I feel about veggies.   They’re my favorite.  I love them so much, and I want everyone to love them.  You know what’s great about vegetables (well, about a million things, but in particular….) they’re unifying.  There’s so much dietary advice out there and so much of it is conflicting, but the one thing just about everyone can agree upon, is that we need to eat more vegetables.  Vegetables will bring us all together, and we’ll have peas on earth…. lol, sorry – couldn’t resist.  Anyways, enter, the Inspiralizer. This spiralizer makes awesome and beautiful “noodles” out of just about any vegetable (and even some fruits).  Obviously you can start off safe with zucchini and cucumber noodles, but then you can branch out and make onion noodles, carrot noodles, and even beet noodles!  The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!  Plus, with these veggie noodles, you can sort of trick your brain into thinking you’re eating a huge plate of pasta, when actually it’s a huge plate of vegetables!  There are a few different spiralizers on the market these days, but the one I’ve linked here is the one I have.  I love it because it’s much smaller and more compact than many of the other spiralizers, and I like also that the blades don’t need to be taken on and off, you just turn a knob to rotate the blades to choose what size noodles you want to make. That seemed like a good idea to me as there will then be less options for me to slice my fingers open.  If you want to check out a longer review I wrote of this spiralizer and a great recipe to get you started, check out this blog post.  This is the spiralizer designed by Ali, of the website Inspiralized.  Definitely check out her blog as she has sooooo many great recipes posted there which you can access totally for free, and she even has her recipes organized by type of vegetable if you want to see all your different produce options for spiralizing.  This fun kitchen gizmo makes the perfect gift for anyone on your list (or for yourself 😉 ).

So there you have it folks.  Ten of my best gift ideas for the health and wellness gurus on your shopping list.  Have fun shopping, wrapping, and giving.  I can’t believe Christmas is now less than two weeks away – so much still to do!!!

I wish you all a wonderful holiday!!!

Anyone have any other great gift ideas? Share them in the comments below!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase from some of the links in this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I only promote products that I personally use and believe in.

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