Sunday Shares #3

Hey guys!  It’s time for the third round of Sunday Shares – where I share with you all the links to the great web content that I’ve run into in the last few weeks.  If you missed out on Sundays Shares #1 and #2, be sure to check them out.  I’ve got a long list for you today, and then we’ll finish up with some puppy pictures because, well, duh.  Puppies are the greatest.

Sunday Shares #3 | (healthy) Vittles & Bits

A Couple Cooks shows you how to Make Fitness Work For You by Exercising at Home.  Love this.  I’m always telling people that exercise doesn’t need to mean going to the gym. Do what works for you, your life, your schedule.
Here is their YouTube playlist with some videos for quick, at home workouts.  Cause we all get bored doing the same DVD over and over again, right?

Katie Serbinski, RD from Mom to Mom Nutrition shares 7 Easy & Delicious Ways to Eat More Veggies – I have reeeeaaaallly been bulking up on the veg in my diet lately. If you’re looking for ways to increase your daily dose of veggie goodness, check out her tips and tricks.

Why Fat Shaming Doesn’t Promote Health and What You Can Do Instead – I have zero tolerance for fat shaming, and bullying in general.  This is a great article.

Sally from Real Mom Nutrition shares her Post 40 Weight Gain Frustrations – It’s a great read.

We all have those days when there’s just this one food that we can’t get off of our mind.  Min from MJ and Hungryman gives some great tips with these 4 Ways to Handle Food Cravings.

Increased Anxiety Associated with Sitting Down – one more reason to get up and move during the day.

Here’s what Happens when a Man Spends 2 Weeks Eating Nothing but Food Made for Women – this is fantastic. Please read it and enjoy.

The Life Hack that Puts You to Sleep in 60 Seconds – I haven’t tried this but I definitely should.

15 Summer Salads – because when it’s 90 degrees out and a million % humidity, who wants to eat a bowl of soup?

Speaking of 90 degrees and a million % humidity…. 5 DIY Ways to Protect Your Hair from Sun, Heat, and Humidity.

The Best Ways to Preserve Basil – need to try some of these with all the basil I’ve got growing right now.

Stretch Marks, Sports Bras, and the Art of Not Giving a $H*%!

6 Awesome Apps for Mental Health – def need to try some of these.

Can the Bacteria in Your Gut Explain Your Mood – I love reading about all this gut microbiome research that’s coming out.

Lindsay from the Lean Green Bean shows us how to cook a Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken.

Strategies for Staying Slim Through Midlife – good tips.

3 Steps to Improve Body Confidence Immediately – I think we can all use this.

11 Ways to Use Hair Oils – I love me some hair oil.

In Defense of the Supermarket Dietitian – A great article by Emily Hein, RD of Zen and Spice.

2016 Blog Trends – interesting predictions.

Easy Flavor Combos that Go with Any Food – good info.

S’mores Bread.  Enough Said.  Someone make this for me ASAP, k thanks.

Finding Grace in Weight Loss – really good read.

Habit Creep – how to change your behavior, bit by bit.

How Americans Can Lose Weight without Giving up a Single Calorie – basically, eat more plants and less animals.

The Skinny Struggle – Loved this.  Some really great insights that a lot of times people don’t think about. In this country, everyone is dying to be “supermodel thin” but they don’t often think about what that reality might be like for someone.  It’s not okay to judge people for being thin any more than it’s okay to judge someone for being overweight. We’re all different sizes, and the outside appearance doesn’t tell the whole story.

How to Start the Day on a Happy Note – because who wants to be in a bad mood all day?

5 Tips for Making Friends in Your Twenties – Guys, I need more friends.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a handful of great friends, but they’re all pretty much people that I’ve known since middle school or high school.  When did it get so hard to make friends?  I guess it’s partially my fault for wanting to stay home and snuggle with my dog all weekend, but whatever.

Speaking of dogs and how awesome they are….12 Reasons Your Dog Can Keep You Healthy.

Sugar vs. Artificial Sweeteners – I get asked about this a lot, and this article from RD Rachael Hartley does a great job of summing things up and getting to the root of the issue.

Five Truths for Lifetime Fitness

How to Overcome the Top 5 Exercise Excuses – good tips.

Balsamic Grilled Veggie Salad – this looks awesome.

26 Apps Designed to Make Your Life Easier – cause who doesn’t want an easier life?

Phew!  That was quite the long list, wasn’t it.  I think it’s definitely time for some puppy pictures.

Guess who I’m babysitting……..

Dogs | (healthy) Vittles & BitsDogs | (healthy) Vittles & Bits

Isn’t Toby just a handsome devil?

Dogs | (healthy) Vittles & BitsAnd of course Big Penny is just as sweet as can be.

Dogs | (healthy) Vittles & Bits Luna being her usual perfect self.

Dogs | (healthy) Vittles & Bits

Senior dogs are just the best.  Can you believe this sweetie pie spent the first 7 years of her life in a cage at a puppy mill???  So happy she found our family 🙂

Dogs | (healthy) Vittles & Bits

Super sleeeeeeeeeepy.

Okay, enough puppy pictures – for now……

Hope you enjoyed this week’s links, and have a great week everyone!!!

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10 comments on “Sunday Shares #3

    1. You’re welcome Ellen, loved your post! And yes – aren’t the dogs super cute!!! 🙂

  1. Great articles! I especially appreciate the In Defense of Supermarket Dietitians, obvs. Except the original article was clearly just misguided; it talked about “dietitians” but only interviewed “holistic nutritionists,” so of course they peddled supplements and pushed fads.

    PS I finished my whole skin elimination diet thing, and it was totally the peanuts. Dairy didn’t bother me one bit — cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream, nothing. But 4 days of eating peanuts at every meal and my skin broke out like it was channeling a pubescent boy. The next time I see my doctor I’m going to ask for an allergy test — at the very least for peanuts specifically.
    Jessica @ Floptimism recently posted…chimichurri tacos.My Profile

    1. I thought you would like that article!
      Peanuts?!?! That’s so weird. I know there’s some research that they can contribute to inflammation but I’m surprised they would make you break out so much. Although I’d rather give up peanuts than cheese….
      I am hopeful that my food sensitivity test next week gives me some answers. Although, I’ve been doing a lot less meat/dairy these past two weeks, drinking hot lemon water every morning, and also using Bragg’s organic ACV as a toner at least once a day and my skin has definitely improved in the last two weeks, so that’s hopeful.

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