Sunday Food Prep #4

Sorry this is a bit late this week.  This weekend I had a great time with a visiting friend (Hi Jenn!), and after she left I was so distraught that the only thing that could cheer me up was food prepping!  Here’s what happened this Sunday in the kitchen:

1. Hard Boiled Eggs (as usual)
Sunday Food Prep, (healthy)Vittles&BitsI have been eating even more hard boiled eggs than usual lately.  I don’t know why but sometimes I crave them.  Good thing they’re packed with protein!

2.  Sesame Coleslaw (recipe coming to the blog later this week)
Sunday Food Prep, (healthy)Vittles&BitsMy mom gave me half a HUGE head of cabbage last week so I had to find something to do with all of it.  I used half of it in this coleslaw concoction.  I sort of just made it up as I went, and it turned out fairly tasty.  The dressing is made with soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil and the coleslaw is packed with colorful veggies and topped with sesame seeds.  A great way to add some crunch to your day.

3.  Prepped Veggies
Sunday Food Prep, (healthy)Vittles&BitsEven after making a huge batch of Sesame Coleslaw, I still had this much coleslaw left over.  Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I know myself well enough to know that if it’s already prepped I stand a much greater chance of actually eating it!
Sunday Food Prep, (healthy)Vittles&BitsI also picked up a bag of big carrots at the supermarket last week, so I wanted to get them all cleaned and skinned and ready for crunching.  Unfortunately between these and the cucumbers I peeled, I sort of broke my garbage disposal…..oops.
Sunday Food Prep, (healthy)Vittles&BitsI prepped three cucumbers and two large bell peppers for dipping in hummus for quick, low carb snacks this week.
Sunday Food Prep, (healthy)Vittles&Bits4.  Quick and Easy Avocado Spread
Sunday Food Prep, (healthy)Vittles&BitsAs much as I LOVE avocados, I don’t love how quickly they turn brown once exposed to air, and I don’t love peeling and removing the seed every time I want some delicious avocado on my sandwich.  Sooooo, my solution is to peel and remove the seeds from two avocados, and then to throw the flesh in a blender or food processor with some lemon juice (I use probably 2 Tbsp) and some salt.  That way the lemon juice helps to prevent the browning of the avocado and you also now have an avocado spread that glides easily onto bread to form a creamy part of your sandwich 🙂

Did you food prep this weekend?  What did you make? 

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    1. That’s awesome, girl! Glad you’re getting more comfortable in the kitchen!!! (Bout time 😉 Hahahaha j/k you know i love you.)

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