Spaghetti Squash Casserole

This recipe is just something I threw together this past weekend, so you can easily play around with it and add in or take out whatever you like.  If you’ve never had spaghetti squash before, I encourage you to give it a try.  It’s really very easy to prepare (I do mine in the microwave) and it’s a great way to trick your mind into thinking you’re eating pasta, but with far fewer carbs.  This recipe is great because you can make a big pan in just about an hour and then have the leftovers all week for lunch and/or dinner.

Spaghetti Squash Casserole, (healthy)Vittles&Bits



1 lb ground turkey
3 tsp minced garlic
2 cups tomato sauce (I recommend using either a homemade sauce or a No Sugar Added sauce)
1 tsp Mrs. Dash Italian seasoning
1 (8oz) bag of shredded, reduced fat mozzarella cheese
1 large spaghetti squash
1/2 cup Feta cheese


1.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
2.  Brown the ground turkey over medium heat and then drain off the fat. Add in the garlic, tomato sauce, Mrs. Dash seasoning, and 1/2 the bag of shredded mozzarella.
3.  Cut the stem off the spaghetti squash, and then cut in half lengthwise.  Scoop out the seeds from the squash and either discard them or save them for roasting.  Place a squash half face down on a plate and cover with saran wrap, tucking the plastic wrap under the sides of the plate.  Microwave for 10 minutes, then do the same with the other half.  Remove the plastic wrap carefully (lots of steam will escape when you remove it).  Then, using a fork, scrape out the insides of the squash halves into a 9×13 pan that has been sprayed with non-stick spray.
Spaghetti Squash Casserole, (healthy)Vittles&Bits
The squash “noodles” form the bottom layer of the casserole.
Spaghetti Squash Casserole, (healthy)Vittles&Bits

4.  Spoon the meat and cheese mixture on top of the squash and even that layer out.
photo 35.  Sprinkle the feta cheese and the rest of the mozzarella cheese on top and bake uncovered for about 20-25 minutes.
6.  Then, broil for 3-5 minutes (500 degrees) until the cheese is nice and browned on top.
photo 1This was very, very good.  It filled the house with that great, savory smell of basil, oregano, and tomatoes.  And of course, Luna was right beside the whole time just begging for a taste.  She’s such a good sous chef 😉


I’ve been enjoying the leftovers all week for lunch 🙂

Spaghetti Squash Casserole, (healthy)Vittles&Bits

If you want to roast the squash seeds, have a look at the very simple instructions included in this post on Baked Acorn Squash.

The macros for this recipe are as follows, if you divide the 9×13 pan into 8 servings:
Kcal = 200
CHO = 9 grams
FAT = 9 grams
PRO = 21 grams


So what do you think?  Have you ever had spaghetti squash before?
Think you’ll give it a try?

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13 comments on “Spaghetti Squash Casserole

  1. This was so tasty. I highly recommend it. It’s almost like lasagna except with the squash instead of the noodles, but they taste just as good!

      1. Absolutely. I’m really enjoying the other entries, as well. You’re quite good at what you do. This was so good that the boyfriend asked for it again less than a week later. THAT is something! 🙂

        1. Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear that. I love blogging and sharing recipes online but it takes a lot of energy and time to keep up with it so its always wonderful to hear that someone enjoys my work!!!

  2. I’ve got this in the oven right now. I’m a rookie so maybe IDK what I’m doing but I bought 2 spaghetti squash and still didn’t feel like it was enough for the base layer. I wish I’d gotten two more but I didn’t want to go back to the store so I moved forward. I also switched out ground chuck for the turkey (after reading that consumer reports article on what they found in turkey, I’m doing that more and more.) So far this looks and smells amazing. If anyone else has had a similar experience with the spag squash I’d be interested in hearing that. Maybe I’m removing too much when I take the seeds out or maybe my grocery just carries very small squash.

    1. Hi! I take very little out when scraping out the seeds. Basically it’s just the seeds. Maybe you’re also removing the flesh of the squash? When I did this post, I used one squash about the size of an oblong cantaloupe. Maybe a little smaller than that. But it’s very possible that your grocery store carries smaller squash. Hope you like it!!!

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