31 Days of Yoga Challenge Update

Hi All!  

So in this post I talked about starting my July Fitness Challenge:  31 Days of Yoga.  And as the month is more than half over, I figured it’s about time I give you an update.  Spoiler alert – I’m not going to meet my goal of 31 straight days of yoga.  In fact, I failed at that pretty early in the month – July 2nd to be precise.  Yes, on the second day of my fitness challenge, I forgot to do yoga.  How sad is that?  Hahahaha.  You know what though, I didn’t beat myself up about it, and every time I’ve missed a day since then, I haven’t beaten myself up about it.  Because you know what?  I’ve still done way more yoga than I would have if I hadn’t set myself that goal of 31 days.  So either way, it’s still a win!

You guys know that I am always real with you, and I think that’s important because everyone can relate to real life, right?  Like one day I got some sort of food poisoning or something and was vomiting, so I didn’t do yoga that day – and that’s real life.  Sometimes you vomit.  And sometimes you intend to do a nice, relaxing bedtime yoga routine before bed, but then you get caught up working on something else and before you know it it’s an hour past when you should’ve gone to bed and you remember just as you’re falling asleep that you never did yoga.  So do you get out your comfy bed and sacrifice even more sleep just to avoid missing a day?  I sure didn’t.  I stayed in bed and thought, screw it.  Sleep is very important to me.   So if anyone out there is reading this, and you sometimes feel bad about missing a workout or maybe over-indulging in a dessert or less-than-super-healthy food, don’t get yourself down about it.  We all do it.  And each day is a chance to get a fresh start and keep working towards your goals.

So, with that being said….it’s July 18th, and so far I have done 13 days of yoga. So I missed 5 days.  Definitely not hitting my goal of 31 days, but like I said, it’s still way more yoga than I’ve ever done before in my life.  And here are a couple of observations I’ve been making along the way:

  1.  Yoga can either be really relaxing and gentle or it can be hella hard.  I like that I can pick what sort of yoga I want each day depending on how much of a challenge I’m looking for.  Not gonna lie, a lot of days I opt for something fairly easy and gentle because I like the relaxing aspect of yoga, but there have also been a few days that I got my butt kicked.
  2. You definitely don’t need a mat to do yoga. I do it on the carpet and it’s fine.
  3. You also definitely don’t need fancy yoga clothes. Sure, they’re cute and make you feel official, but I usually end up doing yoga in my PJ’s.
  4. I feel like I can breathe better.  Like more deeply.  I wasn’t expecting that. I guess I should have been because I know that yoga is “all about that breath, bout that breath…” but it still took me by surprise.
  5. Anyone can do yoga.  Even if you’ve never done it before.  Youtube has millions of yoga videos so you can find anything ranging from total newbie to expert.
  6. It is really difficult to get my zen on with a 6 month old lab puppy who thinks that yoga is some strange game where she tries to knock me over by weaving in and out of my legs or stepping on my stomach/face.

So far I’ve been doing all my yoga from YouTube videos, but I still definitely want to do a live class.  One of my friends said she would go with me so hoping we can do that at some point soon (hint, hint, Nicole!)

For anyone who might be interested in trying some yoga videos, here are links to ones that I have really liked:

Bedtime yoga is always a great way to unwind the stress of the day….

I always enjoy some Yoga with Adrienne:

This one from PopSugar was quick but challenging:

I have also done some Yoga by Candace:

This one had my legs crying out for help…..so much chair pose…..

This one was nice and fast paced:

I’ll post more links to new videos in my next update on this July Fitness Challenge.  Hopefully some of you will find these helpful 🙂

How has your July been?  Anyone else working on getting in more Yoga?  How is it going?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

Also, I just got an Instant Pot on Amazon Prime Day and I am OBSESSED.  It’s AMAZING, and I can’t wait to start sharing Instant Pot recipes and creations with you.  Anyone else get one of these amazing gadgets?  Do you love it as much as I do????

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