DIY Spring Flower Decor

Guys, guess what I did this weekend?  I took down all my Christmas decorations and my Christmas tree!  Record scratch.  Wait a minute – say what? Yes. You read that correctly.  I just this weekend took down all my Christmas decorations.  And yes, it’s now past Easter.  I realize that I’m a good three months a little bit behind the times….but hey.  Whatever.  Once I got all those sparkly ornaments put away, I felt the need to welcome Spring, and what better weekend to do that than this one, when it’s been a lovely 65 degrees outside.

(healthy) Vittles & Bits

If you know me well, you’ll know that I’m a fairly crafty individual.  I thoroughly enjoy sketching and painting, and I also like to knit, scrapbook, and I even used to make jewelry.  Needless to say, my parents can’t wait for me to buy a house so that I can move all of my crafting stuff out of their basement.  Workin’ on it Mom and Dad…..

I’ve been contemplating showcasing this side of myself more on the blog, and I finally decided, heck yes – let’s do it.  I definitely not a pro DIYer by any means, but I think that that’s a good thing, because lots of people out there are also not pro DIYers, so you can rest assured anything I’m showing you in terms of DIY is seriously easy and fun.  Today’s post is a perfect example of this. I used very simple products all from my local Michael’s Craft Store, and put everything together in about a half hour, and only spent about 20 dollars.

(healthy) Vittles & Bits

Here are the items I purchased from Michael’s:

  • 3 glass Milk bottles (these were on sale for $0.89 a piece!)
  • 1 ceramic potting basket (couldn’t find the link for this online)
  • 2 bunches of fake flowers (obviously pick whatever colors/plants you want)
  • 1 large bag of small river pebbles (on sale for $3.99 this weekend!)
  • You will also need some very sharp scissors or kitchen shears (you probably have these though so you won’t need to buy them)

You guys already know that I have a slight obsession with mason jars and glass storage containers in general, so when I found those mini milk bottles, I had to have some. I thought they would look adorable in my apartment, and guess what – I was right :-)  Right now I have one on either side of my TV stand….

(healthy) Vittles & Bits

See that dragon?  He’s reeeeeeeeeally excited for the 5th season of Game of Thrones…….as am I.  I love that the bottles say “dairy” on them with a little cow.  Might be kind of hard to see in the photo, but I promise it’s there. And then the third one I set on a little end table I have in my bedroom:

(healthy) Vittles & BitsERMAHGERD – doesn’t it just make you so happy??!?!?!?!  Okay, maybe not. Maybe it’s just me because I love things that are clean and crisp and yellow and all nature-y looking.  And then all of that is wrapped up inside a super cute glass milk bottle.  For reals, I am waaaaaay too excited about this.  I’m pretty sure you can tell from the picture how to make it. But in case you were hoping for a more detailed description:

1) Fill each of the glass bottles about 2/3 of the way full with river pebbles.
2) Using your sharp kitchen shears, carefully cut the flowers off of the bouquet at the length you want them for your bottles
3) Insert the flowers artfully into the bottles and arrange as you like
4) Set the bottles somewhere in your home and/or office and be ridiculously cheerful each time you look at them :-)

(healthy) Vittles & Bits

Oh they just make me SO HAPPY.  I love bringing elements of nature inside my home.  And rocks + fake flowers is the best because it literally requires no upkeep.  The fake flowers will never die, and the rocks will never get gross or moldy.  It’s a win-win.

So then here is the other Spring Flower item I put together:

(healthy) Vittles & Bits This was also super easy.  All I did was:

1) Fill the ceramic basket with the remainder of the small river pebbles
2) Carefully cut the remaining flowers off of the two bouquets I bought
3) Arrange flowers as you like in the basket sticking the stems into the pebbles to keep everything in place
4) Sit the basket somewhere and be happy, cause you made something awesome and it was super fun

I sat my basket on top of a bookshelf (which is actually holding DVD’s).  I also arranged some little painted (pre-made) milk bottles that got at Michael’s for 1/2 off…

(healthy) Vittles & BitsOh, and in case you’re all like, where can I get a super cute carved bunny like that for my own DVD shelf?  Well, nowhere. Cause my super awesome grandma carved it for me.  Yeah, she’s uber talented like that. She also made the bluebird on this shelf.

(healthy) Vittles & Bits

Doesn’t that just look so Spring-y??  I love it.

Here’s what the whole space looks like…(healthy) Vittles & Bits

If you’re asking yourself what that “D” stands for, then consider popping on over the About Me page, where you will find that my name is Danielle.  Nice to meet you. Let’s be friends.  I made that a while ago from some old yarn and cardboard that I cut into a D shape.  Now that I’m looking at it I wish it was a lighter, softer yellow and less of a mustard yellow……oh well.  Guess that’s a project for another day.

And of course you know that Ms. Luna was just soaking up this warm weather.  She loves to lay out in the sun.  And course I had to bug her the whole time by shoving my camera in her face.  She’s my favorite subject, but having her picture taken definitely isn’t her favorite, lol.  Still, managed to get some cute shots of her precious little self.   Prepare yourself for a multitude of dog photos….

(healthy) Vittles & Bits

(healthy) Vittles & Bits

(healthy) Vittles & Bits

She has such beautiful brown eyes :-)

(healthy) Vittles & Bits

(healthy) Vittles & BitsLook at those big ears!!!

(healthy) Vittles & Bits


She’s just the cutest.

I figured you could use some puppy pics on a Monday.  Amiright?

Tell me, what fun Spring Decor have you DIY’ed so far this year?  What did you think of this post? Do you like the idea of sharing some fun and easy craft/DIY projects? Leave me comments and let me know!


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